Setting discount rates under IFRS 17: Getting the job done

By Pierre-Edouard Arrouy, Charles Boddele , Thomas Bulpitt, Grzegorz Darkiewicz-Moniuszko, Russell Ward, Freek Zandbergen, and Sihong Zhu
13 October 2020

About the Author(s)

Pierre-Edouard Arrouy

Paris Tel: 33 1 42991560

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Charles Boddele

Paris Tel: 33 630 952665

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Thomas Bulpitt

Grzegorz Darkiewicz-Moniuszko

Warsaw Tel: 48 22 6306204

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Russell Ward

London Tel: 44 20 78471556

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Freek Zandbergen

Amsterdam (Insurance & Financial Risk)

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Sihong Zhu

London Tel: 44 20 78471563

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