Strategic planning

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Our healthcare consultants are experienced providers of insightful guidance on a wide range of business issues affecting insurers operating in Central and Eastern Europe. We create robust financial projections and deliver comprehensive feasibility studies to support entry into new markets and proposed product launches.

Strategic planning is a critical function in these rapidly changing markets. We assist health insurers by analysing their competitive position and assessing new product and distribution proposals. Our expertise also extends to implementation of new business initiatives.

Milliman experts deliver in-depth knowledge of operating conditions in markets throughout the CEE region, shedding light on a proposed plan's chances of success in this environment. Our global knowledge of healthcare trends gives us invaluable perspective on the potential of local business proposals.

Budgeting for a proposed product launch

We assisted a large Polish insurer with financial projections for a new healthcare insurance product covering inpatient medical expenses. Our work included calculating the impact of underwriting and product design on the plan's expenses, cash flow, and profit and loss accounts. As a result of our modelling and analysis, the insurer was able to adapt the product design and pricing to target the intended market more closely and successfully launched the product on schedule.

Next Steps

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